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Episode 4 – Sarah Humbargar

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Sarah Humbargar. Growing up inspired watching her father meeting the tenants with their one rental property, Sarah embarked on the journey following his footsteps. She has a breadth of experience in multiple industries including working in a civil engineering firm, as an owner’s representative for CarMax Auto Superstores, Vice President for Colorado Springs downtown partnership until she decided to start her own firm and forge her path. Sarah shares her fun-filled journey in real estate investing, insights to maximizing properties, and her thoughts on policies.

Standout Quotes:

  • “I always knew that investing in real-estate would be important for me and in my financial journey.” – Sarah

  • “The pandemic brought people closer to each other.” – Sarah

  • “I tend to be an urbanist. Throughout the United States, massive lands are used for a single-family housing when it could have been utilized to create affordable housing for the people.” – Sarah

  • “Everyone should be aware that resisting change to your neighborhood because of love and sentimentality affects the city overall.” – Sarah

Key Takeaways:

  • Sarah has multiple titles stemmed from her wide array of experiences with various companies.
  • Sarah loves Colorado Springs because it has the resources of a large city despite being small and the culture it fosters.
  • Working with city employees are sometimes painful because of the bureaucracy behind—getting your permits and compliance to requirements that leads to frustrations due to inefficiency.
  • Recognize the pandemic as an opportunity to make business while enjoying.
  • Spaces made for office work is not viable to be transformed into residential space due to safety reasons, process of changing occupancy, and rezoning of property.
  • Sarah has her ways of “feeling” the tenants occupying her properties.
  • Low supply and high-demand in real estate properties equals to skyrocketing prices that is problematic due to income stagnation and inflation.
  • The housing market is “off” because of the polices and zoning.
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions but it should not be at the expense of affecting the community as a whole.
  • You can start investing by monetizing your home to help assist you paying your mortgage.
  • Anticipate things you can do to add improvements, cost, and savings.

Episode Timeline:

[00:37] Meet today’s guest “Sarah Humbargar”, Principal at Living City Ventures and a Broker Advisor

[01:09] What is your background?

[03:37] The start of Sarah’s real-estate investing and consultancy

[06:17] Sarah’s family and place of origin

[08:44] Favorite part in Colorado

[10:00] Sarah’s experience working in Colorado

[12:22] How has COVID impacted your business and your family?

[13:58] Going into short-term rentals during the pandemic

[16:57] How to maximizing your properties

[18:52] Do you have good tenants?

[22:59] What trends and effect in the rental market as more people move in Colorado Springs area?

[25:07] Is it happening now?

[28:09] How can an average person contribute to changing the status quo?

[32:15] What is your advice for people to get into real-estate investing?

[36:44] What is your favorite hidden gem in Colorado?

[38:02] What is your advice to people moving in Colorado?

[39:18] Where can people find and connect with you?

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