Mission of Caring for Pets in Pueblo

Episode 5 – Sam Biondolillo

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Sam Biondolillo. Living his life loving animals with his wife, Cindy, they built Pueblo’s Best Pet Care. Sam wanted animals to have a haven, to take care of them in the best possible way. As one of the advisory board members for bringing new industry to corrections, he oversaw research in a dog training facility where he found his life-long mission. After taking an early retirement to pursue his mission, Sam and Cindy are on a journey to bring tender-loving care for animals. Today, Sam shares his love for animals, their stories, and how to be an excellent pet owner.

Standout Quotes:

  • “If you want to work with us, the requirement is for you have to love the animals.” – Sam

  • “The hardest thing about being a caretaker of pets is we get to the point where we need to say goodbye to them.” – Kevin

  • “I encourage people to try and help after seeing a lost animal.” – Sam

  • “Animals need companionship, they are social beings—spend as much time as you can with them.” – Sam

  • “Ultimately, I want to get to a point where I can provide services for free for people in assisted living.” – Sam

  • “Pets does not have a concept of the past or the future, they live for the moment. I hope we can learn from that and it’s up to us to make that for them—as awesome as it can be.” – Sam

Key Takeaways:

  • Sam found his mission with animals after overseeing the research in dog training facilities.
  • Anecdotal evidence of the positive effects brought by CBD oils in pets allowed Sam to pursue this research endeavor.
  • Sam loves for animals is not limited to pets; he loves snakes, horses, etc.
  • Social media is an excellent platform to let owners reunite with their lost pets.
  • Before adopting a pet, you need to be committed, mentally prepared, and financially prepared.
  • You can travel with your pet(s) as long as you do your due diligence to research what’s best for them.
  • It’s not ideal to travel with your pet abroad with the ongoing pandemic.
  • If your pet has a carsickness, you can either test things out by getting them comfortable enough after a few rides or asking medical advice from your vet.
  • Sam considers Colorado as a hidden gem.

Episode Timeline:

[00:30] Meet today’s guest “Sam Biondolillo”, owner of Pueblos Best Pet Care

[01:10] Sam’s background and journey in pet care business.

[02:25] What is your favorite pet?

[02:48] What’s the most interesting pet you have cared for?

[03:12] What services do you offer?

[04:09] How has COVID impacted your business?

[05:00] Anecdotal evidence of the positive effects brought by CBD oils in pets

[07:56] Do you have any interesting pet stories?

[12:45] Do’s and Don’ts coming across dogs roaming in the neighborhood

[13:45] What is your advice to pet adopters?

[14:32] Is there a trend in pet ownership now that more people are working from home?

[15:01] What is your vision for the future?

[16:29] What is your advice to a pet owner taking their pet on a road trip?

[17:17] How do you handle dogs in carsickness?

[18:35] What is one of your favorite hidden gems in Colorado?

[19:53] What advice would you give to someone moving to Colorado?

[20:42] Is there anything else you want to share that we did not cover?

[21:22] Where can people find you and connect with you?


Learn more about Sam Biondolillo and his company at:

Website: http://www.pueblosbestpetcare.com/

Email: pueblosbestpetcare@gmail.com

Phone: (719) 569-2443 | (719) 568-7035

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