Her Journey of Recovery Leads to Service in the Salvation Army

Episode 7 – Brett Harrison

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Brett Harrison. She is a PR and Marketing Director for the Salvation Army in Colorado Springs. Sixteen years in the restaurant industry pushed her towards achieving her degree in marketing. After managing events and implementing community-based marketing in a variety of restaurants, she finally landed on her dream job which is Marketing and Public Relations for a non-profit organization.

Standout Quotes:

  • “God has a different plan for us that we don’t.” [Brett]
  • “We want to provide as many services as possible for people to help themselves instead of doing things for them.” [Brett]
  • ” There’s that fine line between enabling and helping.” [Brett]
  • “Feels like a dream, my life and travel and, you know, watch people blossom and grow and change and provide people with services.” [Brett]
  • ” isolation is the worst thing for someone in any sort of recovery.” [Brett]
  • ” loving people until they can love themselves.” [Brett]
  • ” We do it for God, not for that notoriety.” [Brett]

Key Takeaways:

  • Brett went for detox and found the Salvation Army adult rehabilitation program.
  • A lot of people don’t realize that Salvation Army is actually a church.
  • They are responsible for their own finances, fundraising, meaning that every single penny of every dollar that’s donated stays right in their community.
  • The funding from the thrift stores help fund the adult rehab programs which saved Brett’s life.
  • VA transitional housing was built to set people up for success so they can transition.
  • Salvation Army built exactly like the military and even to the uniforms and the titles and everything.
  • Anger is one of the worst things to do. Because that pushes people farther into guilt and shame.
  • Salvation Army is in all-natural disasters and tragedies, anything, they are the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Episode Timeline:

[0:52] Meet today’s guest “Brett Harrison,” marketing director at the Salvation Army.

[1:05] Brett’s background and journey and joining the Salvation Army.

[4:03] What people may not know about the Salvation Army?

[5:43] Community services that the Salvation Army facilitate

[8:12] What is grassroots services.

[10:48] Determine people in need.

[12:44] What can the average person do?

[14:23] Salvation Army similar to the military.

[21:32] Brett’s recovery story.

[25:18] What advice would you offer someone who knows that they need help?

[27:33] How can they truly support another person?

[29:16] How has COVID impacted your organization?

[36:34] How did the Boulder mass shooting impact your organization?

[39:53] What is the kind of expected response?

[41:57] Different ways the community can help support and volunteer with the Salvation Army?

[45:14] Favorite hidden gem in Colorado

[48:58] What advice would you give to someone moving to Colorado?

[51:08] How to connect with Salvation Army


Learn more about Brett Harrison and the Salvation Army at:

Website: tsacs.org

Facebook: @salvationarmycs

Address: 908 Yuma St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone: (720) 417-3756

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