Unique Coffee Creations and Their VW Bus

Episode 9 – Daniel and Vicy Stone

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guests are Daniel and Vicy Stone founders of The Sacred Bean, a unique mobile coffee shop. Daniel and Vicy share their start-up story, the challenges they faced, and plans for the future. Vicy’s artistic coffee creations have generated social media buzz and have a following of coffee fans waiting to try her latest flavors!

Standout Quotes:

  • “Charles would refer to coffee itself a lot as a sacred bean. And that kind of just stuck in my head. And I was like, that’d be a great name for a coffee shop. So, I’ve always liked the name.” – Vicy
  • “in many cultures, it’s used in different rituals and to help bring people together, which in our culture today it still brings people together.” – Vicy
  • “I’ve never seen such a long line in all of my years as a barista, it was very humbling. And I can’t even express my gratitude for the community for showing up like that.” – Vicy
  • “I guess the biggest challenge is having to completely set up and completely tear down each time.” – Vicy
  • “it’s something that you’re not going to find in town. So sometimes it’s inspiration from I don’t know, I think I’ve gotten inspiration from like candle wax scents for you know, like the Africa white mocha right now is one of my favorite weird ones. apricots, not really a flavor you would expect to see on a coffee menu.” – Vicy

Key Takeaways:

  • Ideas come from passion and it can turn into creative ideas.
  • Being creative with how you turn your ideas can go a long way.
  • Daniel and Vicy were planning to start the coffee shop when she was about to resign as manager at the Daily Grind back in 2014.
  • They faced many challenges during the start-up phase in the midst of Covid. It was their perseverance that pushed them through.
  • Setting up the coffee shop from one place to another is one of the challenges faced going remote.
  • Vicy was making her videos that she shares on TikTok to track her progress and it turned into a marketing strategy.
  • Experimenting on different flavors is what made their remote coffee shop unique.

Episode Timeline:

[01:44] Meet today’s guests Daniel and Vicy stone

[4:18] Start-up story of the Sacred Bean

[7:12] Challenges during COVID

[8:23] Logistical Challenge going Remote

[10:52] Developing Coffee Combination

[14:10] Coffee brings people together

[14:33] Creating the brand of Sacred Bean

[18:45] Coffee Videos

[21:36] Work on the Bus

[22:30] Biggest challenges that you face.

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