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Episode 10 – Kevin and Shannon Baird

In this special episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, Kevin and Shannon are in the hot seat and are interviewed by their four children! Now it’s their turn to ask them questions they’re curious about and some questions that Kevin and Shannon ask their own guests.

Standout Quotes:

  • “Finding a passion for investing and working with investors and the hospitality and the short-term rental aspect of it has been really, really fun.” – Shannon
  • “Everything that we do is from the perspective of seven generations. Every choice that we make every day, good or bad, affects the next seven generations. We want to make sure that we help other people to positively impact their next seven generations.” – Shannon
  • “We’re big dreamers in our life and big goal setters.” – Shannon

Key Takeaways:

  • Kevin’s been able to come home and work from home because of COVID.
  • Kevin appreciated having the flexibility of working from home, like making lunch with the kids or going for a walk.
  • COVID has been more of a blessing.
  • January last year, Kevin started real estate school.
  • Kevin and Shannon’s goal is to own over 100 acres and build a custom home. The kids can live in their own tiny house on their property if they like.
  • Shannon’s favorite thing to do is sitting on the chair and watching Kevin cook.
  • Kevin’s favorite thing to do is take a set of ingredients and then just come up with something cool for dinner that isn’t based on a recipe.
  • Being in nature is one of Shannon’s favorite hobbies, hiking and just being in nature in general. She also likes art.
  • Gardening is definitely a hobby that Kevin enjoys and has missed doing since living in Oregon.

Episode Timeline:

 [0:28] – A special episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast

[1:17] – How has COVID impacted you?

[3:35] – How did y’all get into real estate?

[6:34] – Where do you guys see yourself in five years?

[11:39] – How did you guys meet?

[23:14] – What’s your favorite thing to make?

[26:43] – What are your favorite hobbies?

[28:00] – What are your dreams?

[30:15] – What is your favorite hidden place in Colorado?

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