Singer-songwriter Creates Music that Resonates with All of Us

Episode 12 – Tyler Stanfield

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, Kevin and his 17-year-old daughter, Cozette, interviews Tyler Stanfield. From classical piano to the electric guitar, Tyler is one of the many musicians from Denver, Colorado that displays incredible talent. He has a solo project which is more of acoustic rock, Americana sound, that is currently working on new songs. On top of that he has another project called Fools To Lie, a hard rock band.

Standout Quotes:

  • “Every song that I’ve written that I’ve actually put on “paper” is from personal experiences. It’s a way for me to deal with those experiences.” – Tyler
  • “When you’re younger, it’s more about being cool and showing off with your friends and the girls. Then as you get older, it’s like, what am I creating? What kind of legacy am I leaving?” – Kevin
  • “It’s got to be deliverable; it’s got to be meaningful; it’s got to be impactful; it’s got to be worth it, but still be able to get out that art and those messages that you’re trying to do.” – Tyler
  • “As an artist, you have these thoughts and these feelings inside of you or this message that you feel like is important, and you need to get out. If you don’t get it out, then it just sits inside of you and festers.” – Tyler
  • “Touring is always hard. It’s always tough, but it’s worth it in the end.” – Tyler
  • “It’s frustrating to have these amazing events ruined by people’s greed. There are people who want to see these shows, have these experiences, and share these experiences with their friends and family. And they keep getting interrupted by people wanting to sell those tickets for more money.” – Tyler
  • “Don’t stay in the left lane if you’re not passing.” – Tyler

Key Takeaways:

  • Tyler is planning to do an all-piano acoustic album in the future
  • Tyler’s musical influence ranges from classical music, country music, grunge, and rock.
  • Like other musicians, Tyler struggles with writing new material and trying to make it better than anything else he has ever done.
  • Bishop Castle is a “one-man” project and was built by Jim Bishop for his wife
  • When shooting a music video, you’re not going to use any audio in it. You’re just going for the look.
  • Tyler would love to have the opportunity to open or even play with the 3 Doors Down.

Episode Timeline:

[0:50] Guest Introduction

[1:30] Did anyone inspire you to play music?

[3:15] How old were you when you started playing the guitar?

[5:04] Did you have a band when you were young?

[7:43] Have you picked up any other instruments along the way?

[8:13] How would you describe your music, and what’s the inspiration behind it?

[11:05] What are some of the challenges that musicians face?

[14:05] Who is Cadence, and what does the song “Sleepwalk” mean to you?

[16:33] Did COVID present any unexpected opportunities?

[20:38] What was it like recording a music video at Bishop Castle?

[24:26] Did the temperature affect your vocal cords when you were shooting at Bishop Castle?

[26:30] Tyler’s merch line

[27:22] What’s the coolest venue you’ve played at?

[28:30] What’s it like to travel on the road?

[30:11] Who is Lexi?

[30:47] Is there a venue that you would love to play at?

[33:31] Is there anyone that you would want to open for, and who would it be?

[35:10] What’s your favorite hidden gem in Colorado?

[37:09] What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone moving to Colorado?

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