Third Busiest Colorado Airport Isn’t Where You Think

Episode 16 – Greg Pedroza

In this episode of the Wake-Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Greg Pedroza. He is the Interim Director of Aviation at City of Pueblo – Dept. of Aviation. Greg started out as an entry-level city employee on the airport’s operations and maintenance team and worked his way up to Interim Director at Pueblo Memorial Airport. Today, Greg discusses airlines, aviation operations, and managing a commercial use airport.

Standout Quotes:

  • “It takes people to care about what’s going on and getting involved to keep us moving forward in the right direction.” – Greg
  • “I want to bring attention to our community that we’re here, and we can do the job and get you on your travels.” – Greg
  • “If I had that magic wand that everybody’s looking for, and I can get my vision for Pueblo in instant reality, we would see multiple airlines go into multiple cities.” -Greg
  • “My vision is to grow that and understand more of the aviation community so that I could better support them.” – Greg

Key Takeaways:

  • SkyWest-United Express is the airline that operates under United Express banner.
  • Greg’s team is responsible for everything from mowing the lawn in front to maintaining the pavement and ensuring that the lights and signage are not obscured so that pilots can navigate their way around our airfield.
  • The people built the original Pueblo airport on the Southside of the town center.
  • As the United Express airline, SkyWest provides an opportunity for the community and the region to have an access point into the more extensive National Aviation system.
  • SkyWest-United Express flights in Pueblo make the connecting flights efficient and convenient.
  • The purpose of the master plan is to identify the current operational capacity of Butler airport to create an opportunity for community engagement and information.
  • A group called the Young Eagles, in which pilots volunteer their time and aircraft to take children on rides is attempting to pique their interest in the aviation industry.

Episode Timeline:

[0:26] Meet today’s guest Greg Pedroza, Interim Director of Aviation at City of Pueblo

[2:28] Greg’s History

[3:28] Finding the right job

[5:55] What’s your favorite part about working there?

[6:25] Commercial Airport and commercial flights

[7:09] Greg’s Team Job

[8:49] History of the Airport

[14:28] Can you talk about some individuals at the airport?

[17:06] What are some of the things that make the airport


[17:55] What are some of the advantages of Pueblo airport over Colorado Springs and Denver?

[20:51] City of Pueblo Airport’s Employee

[22:10] Can you talk about the master plan that’s currently underway?

[24:04] Can you describe what that would look like, the capacity, and how it would benefit the community?

[28:19] What would you see as the vision for the airport?

[30:09] What role does the airport Advisory Committee play?

[32:16] How did Covid impact your operations?

[35:16] Can you share some of the ways that the airport is involved with the community?

[37:35] Can you come out onto the airfield and operate a hobby-sized aircraft?

[39:03] Will you be hosting any air shows?

[40:36] Are you familiar with the Super Guppy aircraft?

[42:44] What are the chances that you’ll ever have a plane cam that you can have a live feed on your website of the runway?

[44:14] What is your favorite hidden gem in Colorado?

[46:49] For someone moving to Pueblo, what’s a piece of advice you would give to someone?

[47:55] Is there anything else that you want to share?

[49:46] For anyone who wanted to learn more about the airport, where should they go?


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