Connecting People to the Arts and Culture

Episode 17 – Andy Vick

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Andy Vick. He is the Executive Director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, a non-profit, local arts agency whose mission is to connect residents and visitors with arts & culture to enrich the Pikes Peak region. Andy has extensive project management capabilities, strong financial skills, a history of accomplishments in marketing, development, and human resources, and is an excellent public speaker and written communicator.

Standout Quotes:

  • “It’s connecting residents and visitors to arts and culture in the Pikes Peak region.” – Andy
  • “We have to make sure that people know that arts and culture have a role to play within the overall community.” – Andy
  • “It’s our job as the cultural office here to be the anchor, as best we can for as many artists and arts organizations in the community.” – Andy
  • “Most arts consumers are craving the in-person again and are tired of the virtual Zoom presentations.” – Andy
  • “It’s a distant second to being live and having that connection with the performer and the audience. And being able to touch and see and hear and taste. It’s tough to do all that on Zoom.” – Andy
  • “Curbside culture brings performing arts to you in a safe away as we possibly can during Covid.” – Andy
  • “We can build new relationships, new connections, turn people on to arts and culture, create new consumers, for our arts organizations, and artists, and provide artistic enrichment experience that helps our military community members.” – Andy
  • “We need people in the community to get involved. This is your arts community. And so the best thing you can do for me is to be an active consumer of arts and culture in the Pikes Peak region.” – Andy
  • “All these things are here and happening for us. But if we don’t take advantage of them, and we don’t enjoy them, and we don’t share them with our family and friends, then they’re not supported, and they won’t thrive and grow and continue to give us all these wonderful gifts.” – Andy

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the boards that Andy serves on is the State Arts Agency Board, Colorado Creative Industries.
  • Andy’s board responsibilities are tied to being an advocate for the arts community, tourism community, business community, and the State and National Arts communities.
  • Tourism is a major part of the Pikes Peak Region as it also helps with the community’s economic growth.
  • Every five years, Andy and the Pikes Peak Region study the arts called Arts & Economic Prosperity.
  • Suppose you want as a business to hire dynamic, innovative, creative candidates to work in your big business or small business. In that case, those people probably want a pretty equally innovative, creative, rich, and private life.
  • Arts have an important role to play when it comes to the attraction and retention of a quality workforce.
  • The mission of Peak Radar is about connecting the community to the recreational and leisure time activities that are in the Pikes Peak Region
  • Curbside Culture was born during the pandemic with the intent of providing gig opportunities for performing artists.
  • With Creative Forces, learning about arts is used to help our military and veteran populations heal and recover.
  • MAC provides military, cultural competency training to artists in all different genres.
  • The more the community uses Peak Radar, the more they’re aware of what’s going on. That then creates more opportunity for performers to be seen.
  • Every October is National Arts and Humanities Month. The cultural office is part of the advocacy for arts and culture.
  • Arts Vision 2030 is the visioning plan of the Cultural Office for the next ten years.


Episode Timeline:

[00:26] National Junk Food Day

[01:29] Meet today’s guest “Andy Vick” Executive Director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region

[02:48] How did you get started in the Arts and Culture world?

[07:05] What’s behind your drive and passion for Arts and Culture?

[11:29] Andy’s Boards and Council roles

[14:51] Mission of the Cultural Office

[18:09] Workforce Development

[20:30] How the Pandemic affected the Cultural Office

[24:11] Has your message changed?

[25:26] Do you see more hybrid activities not going fully in person?

[28:18] Story of the Curbside Culture Program

[31:24] Is Curbside Culture something you see continuing economically?

[32:39] The Creative Forces

[35:46] MAC (Military Arts Connection)

[40:14] Have you heard from those who have gone through the MAC program?

[43:42] How is the Cultural Office involved with the Olympics?

[46:32] How can the community support your organization?

[49:40] The Arts Vision 2030 Plan

[53:16] What is your favorite hidden gem in Colorado?

[54:36] What would be your one piece of advice for someone living in Colorado?

[55:14] Is there anything else you would like to share that we didn’t talk about?


Learn more about Andy Vick and the Cultural Office of the Peaks Pike Region at: