Sustainable Ranch Working with Mother Nature

Episode 18 – Adrienne Larrew

In this episode of the Wake-Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Adrienne Larrew, owner and operator of Corner Post Meats. Her company offers mindfully raised meats from their ranch in Black Forest, made from sustainable grazing, clean water, open areas, and plenty of sunshine. Adrienne shares her knowledge in taking care of animals to provide good quality meat and the unique land arrangement with the Audubon Society.

Standout Quotes:

  • “There are so many people right now who think that giving up meat is the way to a healthier planet and there’s so much media narrative around that. We are kind of disproving that in saying, you can have a very healthy habitat, even help the earth because you have livestock there and then you get amazing meat that you get to eat off of it.” – Adrienne
  • “Every choice we make is a decision in favor of or against something.” – Adrienne
  • “Don’t beat yourself up over some decision that didn’t turn out right.’ – Adrienne
  • “Animals in balance with nature are amazingly beneficial to nature.” – Adrienne

Key Takeaways:

  • Corner Post Meats raises food in balance with Mother Nature.
  • You can tell the difference between really good quality meat versus poor mass-produce meat.
  • 75% of prairie bird species or grassland bird species have vanished since the 1960s.
  • Make choices based on what we need or what we think is the best at the moment.
  • The animal’s poop is fertilizer, well dispersed, and is good for the ground.
  • Pigs are great at breaking up the ash crust that was left from the fire which then helps build organic matter that stimulates your seedbed. That helps more water be absorbed into the land because it’s not crusted over.
  • One benefit that chickens have over pigs is their manure is nitrogen-rich.
  • The last 60 to 90 days for a cow is the fattening stage. That’s where a lot of people will grain finish them or feed them grain in order to pack on extra weight right at the end.

Episode Timeline:

[1:20] Today’s guest

[2:17] Adrienne’s background (Getting into ranching and founding Corner Post Meats)

[6:48] The core crew

[8:19] The mission of Corner Post Meats

[9:56] Coming up with the name Corner Post Meats

[12:56] What livestock they currently have

[15:12] What does tasty meat have to do with bird conservation?

[17:51] Pilot ranch under the Audubon conservation ranching program

[20:07] What is R2K?

[26:12] Nomadic herds

[30:46] Pine Beetles

[33:41] Fun and interesting ranch stories

[38:28] Community programs and events

[40:45] Figuring out what they want to be about

[42:13] What is one of the biggest challenges facing ranchers

[43:48] Future of conservative ranching

[0:26] Grass-fed versus grass-finished and Grain-fed versus grain-finished

[7:08] Adrienne’s favorite hidden gem in Colorado

[9:18] One piece of advice


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