Music, the Musician, and Mental Health

Episode 22 – Anastasia Canfield

Anastasia Canfield – Board-certified music therapist, Licensed counselor, Professional music teacher, and Performer

“There is something about music that provides a safe space. There was something about music that creates this safe vulnerability.” – Anastasia

“Just do it. It’s never going to be an easy time. It’s never going to be a comfortable time so just start.” – Anastasia

Anastasia Canfield is a Neurodivergent clinician and academic specializing in music therapy with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and neurodiversity. She offers music therapists and mental health professionals training in cultural competence and combating compassion fatigue by recognizing and mitigating “impostor syndrome” in the healthcare field. Her leadership as a music therapy practicum and internship supervisor has been defined as empowering and innovative while, at the same time, optimally challenging and supportive. Today, she shares how music can help with mental health issues, and her work as a musician.

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