Better Call Tall

Episode 21 – Brandon Espino

Brandon Espino – Associate Broker with The Williams Team at Keller Williams Partners

“I think a lot of people are afraid to leverage and are afraid to fail when it comes to the hiring process. Even though I didn’t have any money, what I did have available to me was the ability to influence people into joining forces with me because people need money to survive, and they can’t put time into your products.” – Brandon

“As an entrepreneur, as a business person, your business is a direct reflection of your life and your mental health.” – Brandon

Today’s guest is Brandon Espino, also known as β€œThe Tall Guy.” He is the owner of Tall Guy Real Estate LLC and an Associate Broker and the listings manager at The Williams Team under Keller Williams Partners in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He served for six years in the United States Air Force under Space Command until realizing that his calling is a human-centered, analytical, advocacy-heavy, and team-based environment. Today, he will share his journey from soldier to real estate broker. Stay tuned!

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